Omsk law academy

The Academy was founded as a non-State educational institution of higher education "The Omsk Law Institute", February 24, 1998 by the Fund for social and legal protection of graduates of the Omsk Higher Militia School,  renamed in August 16, 2004 into the Fund for Assistance to Legal Education and Science. The state registration certificate was issued by the Real Estate Registration City Chamber of the Omsk Administration, 24.02.1998.

In accordance with the Order of the Federal Agency in the field of Education and Science, July 25, 2012, № 941 "On state accreditation of educational institutions and organizations", which established to the  non-State educational institution of higher education "The Omsk Law Institute " the  state accreditation status "Academy", September 6, 2012, the name of the latter was changed by the  Assistance Foundation of Legal Education and Science into a private educational institution of higher education "The Omsk Law Academy."

In September 7, 2012 the rights and duties of the Academy founder were  transferred by the Assistance Foundation of  Legal Education and Science to the Company Ltd "US-groups."

OmUA - is a modern and developing Institute, one of the leading educational institutions of Russia. The Academy was founded at the turn of  the centuries and  managed to combine the best traditions of the Russia education and advanced educational technologies. An additional plus of OmUA - practice oriented training, the opportunity to try out in the future profession being a student.

The rector of the Academy - Doctor of Law Sciences, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation Solovey Yuri Petrovich is widely known to legal community for his works on  administrative and police law.

The educational process in the academy is fully consistent with the federal state educational standards of higher professional education. The Omsk Law Academy has  the state accreditation and provides the graduates with  state diplomas.

The Academy trains successfully the specialists of all levels of higher and postgraduate education. The training is conducted in the following directions:

Jurisprudence (qualifications: "Bachelor of  Science" and "Master of Science")

Economy (qualification "Bachelor of  Science")

Public and Municipal Administration (qualification "Bachelor of Science")

• Management (qualification "Bachelor of Science")

(Read more about the training directions and the cost of education, in the section ENTRANT)

More than 60% of the academy teachers have the degrees of Doctor and Candidate of sciences, academic ranks of professor and associate professor. In the scientific community the following leading university professors: V.V. Baburin, Y.V. Gerasimenko, A.A. Nechepurenko, Y.U. Derishev,  associate professors N.M. Zhdanov, N.I. Lenskay, B.I. Nefedov, I.G. Ragozina. have earned the  well-deserved respect.

The best practical specialists of the city and the region are engaged in teaching process: judges of the Omsk Region Court, the Arbitration Court of the Omsk region, employees of  prosecutors offices  and law-enforcement bodies, barristers, the  leading specialists of state and local authorities, successful businessmen and top managers. In modern computer classes the  students use Internet information resources, reference and legal systems "Garant" and "Consultant". To find the necessary literature the electronic library catalog Intercollegiate system "Irbis" is used. In the reading room and the students’ cafѐ there is a free unlimited broadband internet access (Wi-Fi).

The library fund has more than 120 thousand copies of the books. It is considered to be one of the best  professional city libraries, where  periodicals, educational, scientific and fiction literature are well presented   . The university issues the scientific and practical journal "Vestnik of the Omsk Law Academy" which  enjoys the deserved attention of the academic community

The first in our region juridical clinic has been actively working in OmUA for seven years where the students acquire practical skills and, moreover, they perform the important social function i.e. render free legal assistance to socially vulnerable citizens. The clinic operates under the leadership of the vice-rector of the  Academy, Candidate of Law Sciences , Honored Lawyer of the Omsk region Mikhail Eduardovich Romanovsky – a well-known barrister in the city.

The students who achieved in the learning process  excellent results are  granted  with the 20% discount in payment for education. The high quality of the educational process in the academy is witnessed by the fact that for the past 9 years  the students have been  awarded with scholarships of  the RF President .

Vocational Education Programs:

For the persons with higher professional education or those studying at higher professional educational institutions the academy offers  additional professional education programs:

•  Consultant for Legal Support of Enterprise.

• Manager of Municipal Service and Municipal Sectors

• Capability Manager

• Master of Public Administration (MPA)

• Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication

• Teacher of higher school

• Analyst-Economist of production and economic activities

• Law psychologist

Magistracy and Postgraduate Courses

The Academy has the state- accreditation of training programs in the magistracy in training direction  "Jurisprudence". The profile directions of Master's programs are:

• theory and history of law and  state, the history of doctrines of law and state;

• constitutional law; constitutional litigation, municipal law;

• civil law, business law, family law, private international law;

• criminal law and criminology, Criminal Executive Law;

• criminal process;

• administrative law, administrative process.

Magistracy is a perspective type of vocational training, aimed at forming highly qualified specialists who are ready for different types of innovative activities in the field of jurisprudence, requiring deeper fundamental and specialized knowledge. Master's degree in jurisprudence gives the new career opportunities.

The specialties in OmUA Postgraduate Courses:

•12.00.01- theory and history of law and state, the history of doctrines of law and state;

•12.00.02 - constitutional law; constitutional litigation, municipal law;

•12.00.03 - civil law, business law, family law, private international law;

•12.00.08 - criminal law and criminology, Criminal Executive Law ;

•12.00.09 - criminal process;

•12.00.14 - administrative law, administrative process.

Education is carried out in full-time studies (3 years), part-time studies (4 years) forms, as well as in the form of applicants’attachment for training, candidate examinations taking (up to 2 years) and preparing of the candidate thesis (up to 3 years).

Our graduates

The Academy during the years of its existence has graduated over two thousand specialists with higher education. The academy graduates are successfully working in government agencies and local governments, courts and prosecutor’s offices, other law enforcement agencies, at the bar, notariat, in the business area.

The OmUA graduates association works effectively,: those who graduated from the academy, do not want to lose the ties with  alma mater.The graduates regularly participate in scientific conferences, extra-curricular activities conducted in the Academy, and  willingly offer the  new forms of interaction with  its current and former students.

The OmUA Career Development Center helps its students and graduates in labor market adaptation. The Academy is interested in the successful employment and further career growth of graduates.

The Academy has its own flag, emblem and hymn, the academy staff has been involved to create them. During   diplomas presenting the students are taking an oath of the Omsk Law Academy graduates.

According to the ratings of the RF Ministry of Education on staff potential, the material base and the quality of organization of educational and scientific research work the Omsk Law Academy holds the leading positions among the non-State Educational Law Institutions of the Russian Federation.

Extra-Curricular Life and Sport.

The students are given wide opportunities for personal development and self-expression.

In the OmUA studio-theatre the students learn the secrets of acting. For the high artistic level and performing skills, creative activities on youth art education, theatrical genre promoting in 2009, the OmUA studio-theater was awarded with the title "Volk"

Everyone can be engaged in a dance studio, play in the KVN team.The university basketball team is accompanied with a dance group supporting the team.

The academy has two sports halls with modern equipment. Students go in for football, basketball, athletic gymnastics, fitness, aerobics, melee fighting, and table tennis.

Among the students and graduates of the academy there are prize winners of world championships, of Europe, Russia, Siberia: Eugeny Zabuga in the junior team of Russia became the world champion in floorball, Ivan Kostukov is a prize winners of the championships in Europe and in the world and the Russian champion in cycling, Maxim Khablo is a  prize winner in Siberia in traditional karate-do, Olga Galaydina and Tatiana Mikhailova are  masters of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, the champions of the Omsk region, SFO and prize winners of Russia, Anastasia Yermolayeva, Christina Kudintseva and Natalia Osipova are  masters of sports in sports acrobatics, champions of Siberia. In OmUA there are being trained "stars" of the national sport, for example, the second higher education is receiving the Russian footballer, the bronze medalist of the European Football Championship in 2008, Dmitry Sychev.

Both the students and the staff take an active part in the spring festival – Mayovka, it has become a tradition in the Academy. Both students and staff are actively involved in high school spring festival - Maevka which has become a tradition of the Academy. “Dedication to the students" is always an unusual, exciting show. The contest of beauty and intelligence "Miss OmUA" is one of the most popular truly grand celebrations in the academy, held annually in our city. The high level of this competition is witnessed with the fact that the winner of the contest "Miss OmUA- 2008". Valeria Blikova won the prestigious international title "Miss Eurasia - 2009", she represented the Omsk region in the contest "Miss Russia - 2010", and entered the top of the 50 most beautiful girls of Russia.

Education and sports, students’ self-governance, dance and theater studios in the Omsk Law Academy give every opportunity to achieve success in life, to make the first confident steps on the career ladder and to realize ambitions and talent development.